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Chocolate equipment

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Introduction of Chocolate Equipment

CLIMA is specializing in the production of series of complete sets of chocolate equipment, casting equipment, candy, chocolate-based coating line equipment and chocolate equipment.

Company to a first-class product quality, professional technical team; continuing to pursue the spirit of innovation, to provide users with satisfactory services and high-quality products, won the majority of the user's trust and support. But the day does not end to stay. It to "first-class service, continuous innovation" philosophy, commitment to research and development of new products! On the optimization and upgrading of products has not changed, please believe we will do better.

CLIMA: to always uphold the "integrity, innovation, better products" for the purpose of, in good faith the provision of services for our customers!


chocolate equipment

Our company has already formed such as a organic whole service system as designing , making , installing , debugging , marketting , after-sale service ,etc. now. The reliable company of product quality seeks survival with technology, seek development by quality.

Our chocolate equipments are of high quality .If you are interested in it, please don't hesitate to contact me. We will provide you good quality and low price.

Technical Process of Chocolate Production Line

Flowchart of Chocolate equipment

Technical Parameter of Chocolate Equipment

suger grinding machine

Suger Grinding Machine

The machine is mainly used for secondary grinding of sugar. It is a important part of chocolate equipment.

Technical parameter:
Production capacity: 250kg/h
Feeding granularity: 0.5~2mm
Average grain: 80-100 mesh
Mainshafts power: 7.5kw
Feed motor power: 1.5kw
Mainshafts Rotation speed: 3800r/min
Feed spindle rotation speed: 217r/min
Net weight: 500kg
Gross weight: 720kg
Outside dimension: 1240*960*1733mm
Packing size: 1300*1500*2400mm

Cocoa fat MeltingTank

The chocolate fat melting tank is used for melting the cocoa butter.These could be heated by the electrical immersion heater or steam. It is a important part of chocolate equipment.

Technical Parameter:
Capacity: 360kg
Motor power: 8kw
Shape: rectangle or round
Material: inner:stainless steel,outer:mild steel
Outside dimension: 1900*970*1250mm
Note: We can make melter of capacity from 100kg~1000kg according to customer's demand.

cocoa fat melting machine
chocolate milling machine

Chocolate Milling Machine

The chocolate milling machine is one of the major chocolate equipments which are used for the fine grinding of chocolates, and is also suitable for the fine grinding of soybean flour, as well as the daily used industrial chemicals for high-standard granularity. The fine grinding time is about 18~24 hours, the average granularity can achieve 20μm. This machine has many merits such as tight structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance, few one-off investment, and so on. It is a key equipment for the fine grinding of chocolate paste materials in the chocolate production line. And it is suitable especially for the technical request of small chocolate and candy factory. It is a important part of chocolate equipment.

Main parameter:
Maximum capacity:2000L
Fine grinding granularity:20-25μm
Fine grinding time:18-24h
Overall power:37kw
Net weight:5250kg
Outside dimension:3000*1900*750mm

Storage Cylinder

The thermal storage cylinder is a necessary equipment in chocolate production line. It is mainly used for thermal storage of fine ground chocolate paste.So that to meet the technical request of chocolate production and the request of continuous production. This machine has functions of thermal decrease, rise and preservation.Besides,it has the functions of degasification, desmelling, dehydration and preventing the chocolate paste from the separation of oil and grease and so on. It is a important part of chocolate equipment.

Main parameter:
Motor power:2.2kw
Maximum capacity:1000L
Outside dimension:1220*1850mm(Diameter)
Net weight:1000kg

storage cylinder
chocolate tempering machine

Chocolate Tempering Machine

This machine is an indispensable equipment for chocolate production line.It can automatically contrcoll the temperatures required for each phase in chocolate tempering procedure so as to guarantee the quality of the chocolate. It is a important part of chocolate equipment.

Main parameter:
Production capacity:250kg/h
Overall power:8.3kw
Net weight:580kg
Outside dimension:1200*1700*1700mm

Candy Cast Form Machine

The machine is a main equipment for hard candy continuous casting form.It adopts the new technology of continuous vacuum film boiling sugar.It can cast various hard candies with and without core which are different in their shapes and formulas. The machine changes the traditional production procedure,improves the productivity and decreases the labour intensity.Moreover,the surface of the finished hard candy is very smooth, and the candy fully meet the request of sanitary quality. It is a important part of chocolate equipment.

Main parameter:
Production capacity:250~360kg/h
Overall power:3kw
Shape of candy:decided by customer's mould
Weight of candy:<6g/piece the filling<2g/piece
Outside dimension: 8500*2000*2500mm
Net weight:4000KG

candy cast form machine
cooling tunnel

Cooling Tunnel

The machine is mainly used for cooling chocolate after moulding. It is a important part of chocolate equipment.

Technical parameter :
Overall power: 14.7kw
Cooling compressor model: JZS-2F10(Water-Cool)
Standard cooling capacity: 14000Kcal/h
Cooling method: Enclosed circulation by centrifugal fan
Stay time in tunnel: 18~54min.
Tunnel inlet temp.:5℃~15 ℃
Tunnel outlet temp.: 0℃~10 ℃
Power supply:24v,380v,50Hz
Production capacity:100~120kg/h
Net weight:4500kg
Outside dimension: 11000*1600*2000mm

Chocolate Packaging Machine

It is mainly used for bunch packing the granulated chocolate and candy. It is a important part of chocolate equipment.

Technical parameter:
Motor power:0.75kw
Output rotation speed : 165~950 r/mim
Maximum packaging speed:80 pieces/min
Packaging paper spec.:80mm width golden aluminum film paper roller
Roller inside core diameter:>36mm
Packaging size:round shape: diameter25mm, square: 42x42mm, oval: 30x20mm
Net weight:700kg
Outside dimension:2060x1660x1460mm

cholate packaging machine

All the data are base on our 20 Chocolate Equipment and are only for customers' reference, we can adjust the specification according to your requirements.
Just a few of them have been listed , please contact us if you want any other kinds of machines.
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