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Folio Offset Press

Folio Offset Press[08-12-10 22:43:11]

Two color Folio Offset Press

Folio offset press exporter. Folio offset press has been widely used in printing industry. we are leading company of exporting folio offset press in China. our folio offset press has won good reputation for its good performance and competitive price in international folio offset press market. Two-color folio offset press equipped with a Model SZP1020-01 feeder for high automatic printing of single or two-color pictorials, posters, pictures, covers in large quantities on offset paper, art paper and newsprint in large, and medium printing shops.


Two color Folio Offset Press
Construction features of Two color Folio Offset Press:

Photoelectric devices on the register table detecting the missing, the slant or the early coming sheet
The lateral and the circumferential register can be adjusted on the run
Its low speed running is good for washing the blanket and the plate cylinder
With setting pins in plate setting for higher output but reduced time
Static powder sprayer is powder-saving and hygienically clean

Main Technical Variables of Two color Folio Offset Press

Packing size (mm)
Max. height of feeding pile (mm)
Max. height of delivery pile (mm)
Power of main motor (kw)
Overall dimensions (L*W*H) (mm)

After saling folio offset press, if necessary, We will send one or two engineers to set up and commissioning of the folio offset press until it running in normal state. Druing the time your workers who will operate the folio offset press will be trained.

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