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Drum Renew Line

Drum Renew Line[10-09-21 15:21:30]

Introduction of Drum Renew Line
Drum renewing industry has become a sunrise industry. Drum renewing needs advanced equipments; our drum renewing line adopts German technology, it is most advanced line in China.
Products Information of Drum Renew Line
Mouth closed drum automatic edge shaping machine
The top and bottom edge is easily damaged and out-of-roundness when being moved or used. Even more, sometimes it can leak after damaged. Renewing process should repair the drum edge shape and the leakage. Our edger can repair the shape within 1% of deviation and repair the leakage. The edger is composed of transmission and shaping carrier roller set, forward-backward pressure arm structure, fixed pressure arm structure, shaping pressure roller. The drums will be carried forward and backward and shaped automatically.

Automatic drum leakage detecting machine
Leakage detecting machine is to detect drum leakage by filling high pressure air into the drum. It can automatically carry, rotate, fill gas, bathe detect the drum to realize complete examine on the drum. It is a key machine in drum renewing process. The machine is composed of feeding system, self-centering carrier, fixed rotate tray, movable pressure plate, automatic gas filling system, bathe leakage detect system and gas driven controlling system.

Automatic drum paint and rust remover
There is rust and also old paint on the drums, this machine is able to remove the rust and paint automatically and efficiently. This process is a preparation for repainting the drum. The machine is composed of automatic input and output system, automatic close type impact ball blasting system, automatic ball washing circulatory system, automatic drum rotating system, dust-removal system and gas driven controlling system

Automatic drum painting and drying system
After shape repairing and washing, the drum looks all new. We still need to paint the drum. Our drum painting system is highly automatically operated, composed of automatic input and output system, automatic drum rotating arm, automatic painting room automatic water screen dust-removal system, automatic drying room and moisture removal system.
Mouth closed drum automatic body shaping machine
The drum body can be out-of-roundness when being used and carried. The body shaping machine’s purpose is to shape the drum body to make is smooth. It is automatic working with feeding, shaping, rolling and output. There is automatic transmission driver on the shaping machine. The drum is put on the shaper and then filled with pressed air with a pressure of 2-3kg. The shaper then shapes the drum body with two sets of roller to make the body smooth. The drums will be feed and forwarded automatically at a high speed.
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