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Dumpling Machine

Dumpling Machine[09-09-28 16:45:32]


Introduction of Dumpling Machine
Our Dumpling Machine is designed by computer-assistant engineering and high technology. The Dumpling Machine has proven high efficiency, low maintenance and energy-saving during years of practice. The company is engaged in dumpling machinery development, production, sales and service.

The machines overcome the defects on processing performance of traditional dumpling machines and adopt advanced technology such as rolling performing and containing shaping, etc, the produced dumplings are better than those made by hand in the aspects of mouthfeel, color and luster, shape and so on, being superior to those made by traditional dumpling machines. Meanwhile, the machines possess the characteristics such as energy-saving, small volume, high-efficiency and increasing production rate, etc. And “Flavor of dumpling is from strength of hand” is truly liven up to, and mechanized production of making dumpling and rolling peel by hand, feeding stuffing and shaping working procedure are realized.

The machines apply to units such as dumpling processing factory, guesthouse, restaurant, department, army and universities, etc. for processing dumpling with meat stuffing, mixed stuffing of meat and vegetable.

Products Information of Dumpling Machine
 We can develop and manufacturing different dumpling machine with different capacity. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

Dumpling machine

We offer Dumpling Making Machine.

1. Dumpling Making Machine/Dumpling Machine/Samosa Machine/wonton machine/empanadas making machine is very suitable for the Food processing plant, restaurant, hotel or even family food business.

2. Dumpling making machine/dumpling machine/samosa machine/wonton machine/empanadas making machine can continuous produce samosa with meat, mixed (meat and vegetable). The thickness of the dumplings and the volume of the stuffing can be adjusted.

Technical parameter of the dumpling making machine
* Production capacity: 7200 per/h
* Power: 1.1kw
* Voltage: 380/220 v
* Weight: 160kg
* External size: 990mm*475mm*1150 mm.

For further information feel free to contact us , every email we can reply you within 12 hrs.


Dumpling machine

This machine can produce pot-sticker, fried dumpling, samosa, hunton,ravioli,egg roll and big/small size dumpling,user just need changing the moulds to obtain such different food...
Main parts are of #304 stainless steel,conforming to food hygienic standard,both the thickness of wrapper and filling volume can be adjusted,easy to operate and high efficiency,widely popular by restaurant,hotel,catering industry...

Technical data:
Power:1.5KW 220V/380V
Different shape&size moulds are for choice
Overall size:990x470x1150mm
N. Weight:170KG

For more details, feel free to contact us.
All the data are base on our 20 dumpling production line and are only for customers' reference, we can adjust the specification according to your requirements.
Just a few of them have been listed , please contact us if you want any other kinds of machines.
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