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Sausage Production Line

Sausage Production Line[09-11-02 11:10:48]


Introduction of Sausage Production Line
Our Sausage Production Line is designed by computer-assistant engineering and high technology. The Sausage Production Line has been proven high efficiency, low maintenance and energy-saving during years of practice. The company is engaged in meat Processing machinery development, production, sales and service.

The product is new generation sausage machinery based on advanced international technology and many overseas product analysis with optimizing design and high level in domestic market.
Products Information of Sausage Production Line

 CLIMA, a specialist of meat processing machines, is qualified with modern and advanced equipments. We have digital lathes, vertical processing center, high precision processing system and 3-D contact measuring machine, etc., mainly manufacture meat processing machinery, including meat filler, clipper, slicer, frozen meat flakers, meat grinder, meat cutter, mixer, saline injector, tenderizer, vacuum tumbler and smokehouse etc.

CLIMA,with ISO9001:2000 quality management system CE certificates for some of our machines, and a group of intelligent hard-working people, gains world-wide markets in Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Australia, Korea, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Venezuela and South Africa, etc. We achieve high reputation among our customers.

CLIMA, we are your reliable partner. CLIMA is expecting more cooperations with all his customers in China and all over the world.

Vacuum Filler

◇ The filling process performed under vacuum state. Avoid fat oxidation and proteolysis, reduce bacteria survival amount. This guaranteed a longer shelf life, brighter color and the pure taste of the products.
◇ Be equipped with automatic casing knot tying device that suitable for animal casing, protein sausage casing, collagen casing, etc. Stuffing speed can reach 500 per minute. Connecting with sausage length controller to realize high-speed knot tying procedure.
◇ Each portion: 5g - 99999g.The allowed error of paste product: ±2g, the allowed error of diced products: ±5g.
◇ Connecting with double clipping machine to realize automatic produce.
◇ Key parts produced by machine center with high precision. All of pump, impeller and blade have are adopted the special heat treatment technique, highly smooth surface, easily to be cleaned up.
◇ Man-machine interface, servomotor, decelerator, PLC controller are all imported products. Vacuum degree can be reached –o.1Mpa.
◇ The machine can link with auto sausage hanging machine and high-speed sausage length controller.
◇ The whole machine adopts SUS304 plate. Unique exterior design and surface processing technique.

The machine adopts blades stuffing mode (or scrapers stuffing mode), can portion the product automatically, and also can be inked with any type double-clipping machines to form a automatic production line to preform stuffing and clipping process under vacuum state.



◇ Working speed: 1-9 level adjustable, Max: 100 C.P.M.; Match with different type Great Wall (Poly Clip) aluminum clips.
Clips delivered accurately and closely.
◇ Cut sausage casing automatically, adjustable rang 0-9 pieces, tightness adjustable.
It can link with any quantitative filling machines to realize automatic production.
◇ Height of center: 920mm-1060mm adjustable.
◇ Produced by Machine Center, improved the manufacturing accuracy.

Refrigeration Rolling Machine

Hydraulic output; rolling barrel inclines forward to achieve rapid output, no residua; thoroughly washing is needed.
Interlayer freeze; conductive sink was equipped on the external of the barrel and there is an outer connecter (saline water) for enhancing the frozen effect.
Touching screen PLC control; all parameter to be set according to different product.
Transduction for adjusting speed; stable start, wider adjustable range.
Triangular impeller design: suitable for various kind of products such as bowl, fish, pork, beef, etc

Frozen Meat Slicer

◇ The whole machine is adopted SUS304 Stainless Steel.
◇ One piece of 2.5-25kg, frozen meat of -4℃ to -18℃ can be directly cut into slices. It is pre-procedure of cutting and mixing machine
and meat grinder process.
◇ Avoid pollution and nurturance lost at slow thaw process. Ensure freshness of meat; No icing and refrigeration process, thus reduce user's cost.
◇ Auto-Protection designed.
◇ Special designed table to put frozen meat on that can reduce labor intensity of worker. Frozen meat block can easily put in the channel.
◇ Wholly welded machine body stable and low noises.
◇ Working with standard skip cars, no splash during slicing.

Other Products
All the data are base on our 20 sausage production line and are only for customers' reference, we can adjust the specification according to your requirements.
Just a few of them have been listed , please contact us if you want any other kinds of machines.
Aluminium Single-Clipper
Vacuum Tumbler
Cutting and Mixing Machine
Saline Injector
Single-Screw Grinder
Stuffer for thick material/Filler for Stuffing
Pneumatic feeding machine
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