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citrus peeling machine

Citrus peeling machine, orange peeling machine, fruit peeling machine, citrus grading machine, citrus scalding machine[08-12-02 09:50:21]
Traditionally, the only successful method of peeling and preparing citrus, orange, and other kinds of fruits for incorporation into fresh fruit salads, fresh fruit cans, has been entirely done manually. CLIMA advanced citrus/orange peeling machine, however, adopts mechanical equipment which would successfully peel citrus fruit and sectionize them. Our machine can successfully remove the outer skin, pith and membrane of citrus fruit at high speed. Therefore, it has wide applications in modern food processing industry and can be adopted in the production of fruit cans, fruit salads, fruit juice and more other related products.

All the data below are only for customers' reference, we can adjusted the specification according to different requirement.
CLIMA Citrus peeling machine
The citrus peeling machine contains a peeling machine for stripping skin and other portions from a fruit or vegetables, more particularly, a peeling machine which can be used effectively for peeling an object which has a soft layer between an outer skin and flesh.

Citrus grading machine
Specification of citrus grading machine
Capability: 10 ton/ h
Selecting type : Automatic
Material: stainless steel 304
Grading rate: ( <Ф 50mm, Ф 50mm--- Ф 55mm, Ф 55mm— Ф 65mm, Ф 65mm-75mm, >Ф 75mm)
Citrus scalding machine
Specification of citrus scalding machine
Capability 2.5ton/h
Scalding temp. 70-90 ℃
Heating type: self heating
Temperature set: automatic control
Material ; Stainless steel 304
Dimension: 2900X1160X1800mm
Citrus peeling machine
Specification of citrus peeling machine
Including main parts as following:
6m selecting belt
7m backhaul conveying belt
Citrus peel conveying belt
Peeling roller: silicic rubber
Peeling blade
Dimension: 6mX1.7M


  1. Capability of the whole production line will be infected by the size of the citrus as well as the thickness of the citrus peel.
  2. First time peeling rate: 70-80%
  3. Second time( backhaul ) peeling rate:95%
  4. Citrus disfeatured rate: 2% Cleaning & maintaining process should be carried after each working shift: 15 minutes, no loading operating type (automatic water rinsing)

Citrus peeling workshop

CLIMA citrus peeling machine
CLIMA citrus peeling machine

After saling citrus peeling machine, if necessary, we will send one or two engineers to set up and commissioning of the citrus peeling machine until it running in normal state. During the time your workers who will operate the citrus peeling machine will be trained.
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