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Salt Refining Plant

Salt Refining Plant[08-12-03 13:40:21]
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CLIMA has much experience in the construction of salt refining plant. In the past years, we've help many customers around the world build up their salt refining plants and those projects have proven successful, profitable and stable during these years of practice. The whole set of production line include the very preparation of raw material to the final output of refined salt. The production capacity and specification of machineries can be set by customers' needs and local conditions.

The data below are only for customers' reference, we can adjust the specification according to your requirements.
CLIMA salt refining plant

Technical data of salt refining machine

Product: Edible refined salt
Typical throughput: 20,30,50,80,100 thousands ton yearly
Supply range: Production technique,the whole set
Equipment, engineering service

Design characteristics of salt refining machine

The salt works in this project instruction have been designed with the following characteristic:
Granularity of refined salt can be adjusted in some extent according to the users' requirement
Make all of the product dry
Fuel can be coal ,oil or gas according to your requirements
Iodine is added according to requirement
Packaging machine being used
Conveying vehicle being used
Coarse salt, halogen liquid are stored outside and the salt processing, drying, packaging and storing equipment are inside the door
The stacking of coarse salt is enough for one month production.
Warehouse for finished product can store one week's production.

Flow Chart of salt refining plant

Salt feeding --- Washing & Milling --- Centrifuging --- Additive dosing --- Salt drying --- Storing & Packaging
Production line configuration

Salt refining plant
Salt refining plant
salt refining plant

Salt feeding, washing & milling
Crude Salt is fed into the feeding hopper of suitable capacity and it is then transferred to a belt conveyor,which will be fitted with a magnet to remove rubbish from the material. Crude salt is pre-washed in special washing system. This is then fed to the feed in hopper of the wet mill for grinding. Wet mill is used to grind the salt with the help of saturated brine solution. This mixture is then passed to the slurry tank that is fitted with a low speed agitator. This slurry is then pumped to the wash tank by a slurry pump, wherein dirt is removed from the slurry. The overflow from the wash tank is collected in a clarifier wherein brine is clarified and re-circulated in the plant. This is then pumped to the hydro cyclone by a slurry pump for thickening of the slurry.

Centrifuge / Iodisation Section

The overflow is passed to the wash tank for further processing and the thick slurry is then passed through a Pusher Type centrifuge which separates salt crystals from the slurry and the liquid portion is collected in a filtrate tank. This liquid portion is then pumped to the thickener for further processing. Wet dosing is done in the centrifuge.

Drying & Finished Product Handling Section

The salt crystals from the centrifuge are dried in a Fluid-Bed Dryer. The crystals forms a layer on the perforated sheet present in the drying chamber of the fluid bed dryer and is dried by means of hot air from a thermic fluid air heating/Indirect air heating system. The fines are removed from the exhaust stream in the cyclone separator and is collected separately. Dry salt is from the outlet of the fluid-bed dryer and is passed to the rotary sifter through a bucket elevator. The oversized salt is separated in the sifter and the over sized salt crystals is passed to the pin mill for further grinding and salt is passed to the feed in hopper of the blender wherein free flowing agent is added. This free flowing salt is then sent to the packing room by a belt conveyor

Iodisation & Drying
This slurry is fed to a centrifuge, and from the centrifuge salt cakes with 4-5% moisture comes out. The salt with 4-5% moisture is fed to a fluid bed dryer through a crew conveyor where the iodisation is completed.

Equipment list
Supplying hopper
Screw transportation engine
Adhesive tape transportation engine
Screw salt washer
Opposite roller Pulverizer
Stirring-type salt washer
Device for getting the salt liquid thicker
Backwash washer
Intermittent inclined plate settler
Over ground pot
Water power revolving device
Eccentrical engine for dehydration
Iodine feeder
Fluidized-bed dryer
Rotating cylinder sieve
Packing machine for measuring , packing and sealing
Air flow dryer
Cyclone separation device
Water powered dust catcher

After saling Salt refining machine, if necessary, We will send one or two engineers to set up and commissioning of the Salt refining machine until it running in normal state. Druing the time your workers who will operate the Salt refining machine will be trained.
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