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Slitting Machine

Slitting Machine, Tissue slitting machine, tissue slitting machine[09-01-19 22:32:11]

This machine is the equipment for slitting toilet paper and kitchen paper roll. With the feature of high speed and great efficiency, the machine is your best choice for producing paper and kitchen paper roll.

Main features:
1. The paper roll will be clamped by the paper clamp when it is pushed to the slitting device by the driving unit of the machine, and then is sent to the slitting blade for cutting. The paper slitted from this machine is smooth and neat, and the machine has the feature of high accuracy.
2. Equipped with advanced photoelectric checking system and large diameter whirl slitting knife, the machine can set the length of paper head automatically, and slitting paper accurately. The machine can slit 2 paper rollers in one time, and can slit 100 times in one minute.
3. The slitting device is by optimized designed, with the feature of automatic lubricating and knife sharpening system. The grinding wheel can grind the blade accurately according to the slitting times.
4. The machine adopts the most advanced servo driving system, whirl and variable frequency speed regulating, PLC programming. Computer controlling screen sets all the times and frequency of blade sharpening and lubricating, and also the slitting speed and length, so the smoothness and the continuity of pushing, slitting and blade sharpening will be better, and the advantage of the machine can be show fully as a result.

Tissue Slitting Machine

Paper log length
Log Diameter
110±5mm by computer
Cutting length
Variable, servo control, tolerance ±0.7mm
Mechanical speed
0-100 cut/min, 2 rolls/per cut
Operating speed
80 cut/min, 2 rolls/per cut
Function type
rotating the round blade and continuous controlled paper log move forward
Palm driven control
Servo motor dirve
Pneumatic grind blade, grinding time controlled by procedure on the panel
Blade greasing
Greased by oil-spray, greasing time controlled by procedure on the panel
Cutting blade outside diameter
Could be specified
Product size
Log outside dia
Cutting length
Edge length
Installed power
Machine dimension
Machine weight
Packing measure

After saling Whirl slitting machine, if necessary, We will send one or two engineers to set up and commissioning of the  Whirl slitting machine until it running in normal state. Druing the time your workers who will operate the Whirl slitting machine will be trained.
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