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Band Saw Cutting Machine

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CLIMA-II band saw cutting machine may be used with rewinding and perforating machine and facial tissue making machine. With the moving plate the paper rolls are slitted according to required length and width. The blade is to be ground automatically.

CLIMA-III automatic band saw cutting machine represent the latest development of band saw cutting machine. When operate the machine, it won't be dangerous as simple band saw cutting machine, also compare with log saw cutting machine, the band saw can last a longer time than log saw, and the cutting length on this machine is more accurately, and the cutting-edge is less. The initial creation in structure make the machine win several state patents and lead the band saw cutting machine to new fashion in the trade of worldwide tissue paper.
Main specification of machine:
1. Cutting length is accurate with error just around 0.2mm, usually the error in the cutting length for log saw cutting machine will be 0.7mm and the bundle packing for the products cut by this machine will be more beautiful.
2. Lower-consumption, usually, the cutting edge on log saw cutting machine will be 25mm, but on the automatic band saw cutting machine, the cutting length will be 15mm, present the advantage of the automatic band saw cutting machine.
3. The cutting section is smooth, when the paper roll is transferred to the cutting device by the driven part, it will be clipped by the clipper, then is sent to the double-edge band saw for cutting, the cutting section is smooth and accurate, expecially when cutting 3 ply non-embossing paper roll, unlike the manual band saw cutting machine, it can avoid the cutting section curve and not smooth.
4.This machine adopts the advanced system of the drive and photo-electricity, speed control by frequency converter, equipped with auto-grinding system, the grinding wheel can auto-grind the band saw acurately according to the cutting times. The speed can reach 62 times/min, 2 paper rolls will be cut each time, the whole movement is fluent, consecutive, and high efficiency.
To exert the advantage of this machine, we kindly suggest to connect the automatic band saw cutting machine with accumulator and rewinder to fulfill a full production line for toilet roll.

Paper log length
Log Dia
Cutting length
Can be changedm, tolerance 0.2mm
Mechanical speed
0-62cut/min, 2 rolls/per cut
Operating speed
0-60cut/min, 2 rolls/per cut
Function type
Repeat movement of band saw and continuous controlled paper log move forward
Palm driven control
Step by step
Cutting blade outside dia
3970mm, edge double bland
Can be changed
Product size
Log outside dia
Cutting length
Edge length
Install power
variable frequency speed regulator motor 5.5m
Machine dimension
Machine weight
Packing measure
20' container

After saling Band saw cutting machine, if necessary, We will send one or two engineers to set up and commissioning of the  Band saw cutting machine until it running in normal state. Druing the time your workers who will operate the Band saw cutting machine will be trained.
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