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Toothpaste packaging machine

Toothpaste packaging machine, Toothpaste packaging machine, Toothpaste packaging machine[09-08-07 12:20:49]

Introduction of Toothpaste Production Line

CLIMA produce set facilities of toothpaste; research, develop and produce aluminum tube lines, soft tube lines and aluminum cans lines and provides relevant service. We have professional technical experts, garden-style factory, high-precision processing machines. With advanced professional techniques, we become NO.1 in counterparts. We always rely on advanced techniques, and provide satisfactory products. On the basis of sufficiently bringing in and absorb European and American advanced technologies, we successfully develop automatic double and three colors toothpaste production lines with national technical patents;Aluminum tube production lines with speed of 120 tubes per minute and aluminum aerosol can production lines. We also have a service team with technical skills, always ready to provide all-wave technique support.

CLIMA is extensively trusted by customers of home and abroad for our excellent products and top-ranking service. Nowadays, our products have been sold to countries and regions like Southeast Asia, Mid East, South America, Africa, India, and Pakistan and so on. Our products have strict quality control in the whole producing process and good post sales guarantee. Meeting customer’s needs is our everlasting goal. We sincerely thank you for your suggestions and advice so that we can supply better service.

We sincerely thank you for you trust and support. Your visit to our company at anytime will be warmly welcomed.


toothpaste packaging

Our company has already formed such as a organic whole service system as designing , making , installing , debugging , marketting , after-sale service ,etc. now. The reliable company of product quality seeks survival with technology, seek development by quality.

Our Toothpaste packaging machine of high quality .If you are interested in it, please don't hesitate to contact me. We will provide you good quality and low price.

Technical Process of Toothpaste Production Line

poothpaste production line

Main Equipments of Toothpaste Production Line

1.Full Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine

toothpaste filling and sealing machine

I. Introduction

It is a new type of full automatic filling and sealing machine which is adequate for filling and sealing compounding or plastic tubes of ointment products. It adopts inner blast heating mechanism for the adhesion and sealing of tubes. The temperature of the heated air needs to be adjusted to a suitable level in order to change the tubes of different materials. This machine is of Siemens PLC control system; double-pump work form and colorful touch screen operation which displays both in Chinese and English the information of working state, production speed, volume of production, hot air temperature and so on. It adopts Ferguson mechanism featuring stability and accuracy in dividing and uses synchronous-belt power transmission. The power of focusing comes from stepper motor; Gear rings are used for the cup seat and focusing transmission, ensuring accurate focusing without slippage. This machine is totally enclosed with frame made from synthetic-glass and stainless materials. If any door opens during operation, the machine will stop working automatically, with the warning lamp starting to flicker and the screen showing which door is opened, so it is the same when error occurs during the filling. The filling quantity can be precisely controlled through the stepper motor’s adjusting the filling valve. The tank sorts and loads tubes automatically. It has complete testing system: no filling when there is no tube; no filling when focusing fails; automatically getting rid of failed tubes. The filling uses stainless pump with high degree of accuracy. It can form synchronous production after connected with box-packing machine through cardan shaft.

2.Automatic Box Packaging Machine

Box packaging Machine
Automatic Box Packing Machine can pack regular-shaped single product into carton through a series of mechanical actions, thus realizing automatic packing. It is applied to pack toothpaste, shoeshine, medicines, cosmetics, adhesives, etc. So a series of unloading box, unfolding box, packing box and sealing can be realized continuously and steadily. Sealing could be adhered through installing glue sprayer. This machine works steadily and rapidly. Whole machine is control PLC, frequency control. It has lengthening flat storage. Checking system is perfect. BZ02 packing the same size, packed box is beautiful and clean.
This machine can works separately as well as connect with production facilities to form production lines.

3.Automatic shrink film packaging machine

Shrink film packaging machine

Automatic shrink film packaging machine.Its function of automatic transmission, feed, sealing, shrinking ilaminate PE flim.
It is suitable for toothpaste,shoeshine,cosmetic,food and other parts which need to packages’ industry.
It could use separately or collocate with paper box packing machine. The packed produce can be sealed well, prevented from getting damp and protected against convenients for transport and esay to show the beautification product exterior.

All the data are base on our 20 Chocolate Equipment and are only for customers' reference, we can adjust the specification according to your requirements.
Just a few of them have been listed , please contact us if you want any other kinds of machines.
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