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Blow Moulding Machine

Blow moulding machine, blow moulding machien for buckets, bottles, tanks, liquid containers.[08-12-25 16:02:30]

Our blow moulding machine is specially designed for the production of buckets, bottles, tanks, containers and other containing tanks. The capability can be adjusted as well as the raw material. The whole moulding machine included: feed head, extrusion system, clamping device, blowing device, hydraulic system, controlling system...

All data below are only based on our previous successful projects and are only for your reference, we can adjust the specification according to your requirements.
blow mould machine

MODE: Series of HFBC752(single station, Double head ,max product volume 5L)

The blow molding machine mode HFBC752 is specially designed for producing 1-5 gallon buckets, and it can also be used for producing other kinds of bottles, lampshade etc.
OUTPUT for 5 Gallon bucket: 1 bottle/70sec.

blow mould making machine      
Blow moulding machine
double head
2 Double cavities One gallon Jerry can handle bottle
Aluminium 7075 material and 2316 steel cutting
Including deflashing units for handle,bottom,

Head: center-feeding head
Extrusion system: Adopt transducer and speed reducer motor to control screw rotate speed.
Clamping device: Adopt bi-directional synchronous clamping device with four axis single cylinder.
Blowing device: Blowing device with upper blowing type
Hydraulic system: The whole hydraulic system adopts controlling components with famous brand and proportional controlling circle.
Electric controlling system: Adopt PLC made in Japan and touch screen is imported. Every electric component is in famous brand.

ORIGIN PARTS OF HFBC752, Blowing moulding machine

FP2National FP2 (made in Japan)
ATV28/58TE(Made in France)
Temp. controller
Stretch switch
Using electric rule
Beide China
Oil bump
Hydraulic valve
Pipe connecting part
Hydraulic hose
Import from Occident
Hydraulic accessories
Pneumatic valve

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Inclosure: Technical data and parts instructions of blow molding machine for series of HFBC752,blow moulding machine

1. Max. article volume (L) :5(double head); 12(single head)
2. Extrusion system of blow moulding machine:
2.1 Main extrusion system of blow moulding machine
Diameter of screw: 75mm
Length/diameter ratio of screw: L/D=25/1
Screw rotation rate( rev. / min. ): 10~80
Plasticizing efficiency: HDPE: 90kg/hr
Heating zone: 3
Heating power(KW):12
Motor power(KW):30
2.2 Auxiliary extrusion system of blow moulding machine
Diameter of screw: 25mm
Length/diameter ratio of screw: L/D=25/1
Screw rotation rate( rev. / min. ): 10~60
Plasticizing efficiency: HDPE: 5kg/hr
Heating power(KW):1.5
Motor power(KW):2.1
3.Die head system of blow moulding machine
Mode of general constructions: continously extruding as per the principle of “ first in and first out”. Single head, double heads, three heads, four heads, double layers head, visible stripe head, accumulator head, uniform parison surface, easy to exchange color and material.
Mode of heating: adopt heater band made of stainless steel
Temperature controlling: Adopt automatic temperature controllers such as OMRON
Heating power:10KW
Zones of heating: 3
Center distance:250mm
Material of die head: nitride, boride or chromizing imported rustproof steel
Max. Diameter of head: 150mm
4.Clamping device of blow moulding machine:
Mode: Clamping system designed by the patent. Adopt bi-directional synchronous clamping device with single four-axis cylinder. Declining-move basement makes it easy to cut parison with little impact and uniform motions.
Clamping force: 125KN
Distance between platens: 200~560 (mm)
Thickness range of mold: 100~260 (mm)
Size for mold platens: 500 X 400
Max. Dimension of mold: Width ×Height 520mm×400mm
5.Blowing system of blow moulding machine
You can select to install single blow pin, double blow pins, three blow pins, four blow pins, hydraulic balance blowing system and triple-direction moving device. The moving down speed of blow pin, with the function of rotating and inching, is adjustable easily.
6.Hydraulic system of blow moulding machine
Big pump rated pressure( MPa ):5
Small pump rated pressure( MPa ):10
Big pump rated flux( L / min. ):94
Small pump rated flux( L / min. ):28
Motor power(KW):15
7.Pneumatic system of blow moulding machine
Air source pressure( MPa ):0.7
Work pressure( MPa ):0.6
Air consumption( M3 / min. ):0.4
Pressure( MPa ):0.3
Flux(m3 /min ):0.4
9.Electric source :
Voltage: AC 380V/50HZ
Mode of wire: three phase, four lines
Voltage range: ±10%
General rated power(KW):65
Average energy consumption ( KW h ):35
10. Overall dimensions of blow moulding machine:
Length×Width×Height 3.5m×2.2m×2.8m
Weight: 6 T

Finished production of series of HFBC752,blow moulding machine


After saling blow moulding machine, if necessary, We will send one or two engineers to set up and commissioning of the blow moulding machine until it running in normal state. Druing the time your workers who will operate the blow moulding machine will be trained.
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