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Bottle Blowing Machine

Bottle blowing machine, PET bottle blowing machine, Plastic bottle blowing machine, Glass bottle blowing machine, Carbonated bottle blowing machine[08-12-07 15:51:22]

Our bottle blow machine is suitable for processing PET plastic bottles or glass bottle from 10-2000ml. It is widely used to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral water pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle etc. It can provide sufficient and steady high pressure for blowing large irregular shaped bottles. The machine is also equipped with muffler and oiling system to lubricate the mechanical part of the machine. The machine can be operated in automatic mode or semi-auto mode. The machine is with low investment, easy and safe to operate.

Data below are based on our previous successful projects and are only for your reference, we can adjust the specification according to your requirements.
Bottle blowing machine

5 Gallon Automatic High Speed Blow Moulding Machine

bottle blowing machine    bottle blowing machine

Main Specification of HFB82PC, Bottle Blowing machine

1. Major technical data of bottle blowing machine
Special for material: PC.
Article volume: 5 gallon (18.9 liter)
Transport volume: 65KW
Average consumed energy: 40KW/Hr
2. Extrusion system of bottle blowing machine
Drive mode: Drive the screw with a hydraulic motor
Screw mode: gradual change type
Diameter of screw: 82mm Length/diameter ratio of screw: L/D=24/1
Material of screw: High quality nit riding steel 38CrMOALA,with nit riding surface HV700~840,brittleness ≤ 2.
Material of hopper: High quality nit riding steel 38CrMOALA,with nit riding surface HV ≥ 940, brittleness ≤ 2.
Rotate speed of screw: 10~80R.P. M
Plastic zing efficiency: 120Kg/hr
Injection capacity: 1400g
Temperature controlling: Adopt automatic temperature controllers such as OMRON made in Japan or FUJI.
Temperature controlling precision: Various in ± 1 ℃
Mode of heating: Cast-aluminum heater with heater preserving and protecting cover of stainless steel.
Heating power:18.2KW
Zones of heating: 5
Mode of cool: Automatic blowing, five blowers.
Mode of cooling hopper basement: circle water
3. Die head system of bottle blowing machine
Mode of general constructions: center-feed die head
Mode of heating: adopt heaters made of stainless steel
Temperature controlling: Adopt automatic temperature controllers such as OMRON made in Japan or FUJI.
Temperature controlling precision: Various in ± 1 ℃
Heating power: 3.5KW
Zones of heating: 4
Material of die head: nitride, boride or chromizing imported rustproof steel
4. Clamping device of bottle blowing machine
Mode: Adopt bi-directional synchronous clamping device with single double-axis cylinder. Declining-move basement makes it easy to cut parison with little impact and uniform motions.
Clamping force: 160KN
Distance between platens: 250~700 (mm)
Thickness range of mold: 320~350 (mm)
Max. Dimension of mold: Width × Height 380mm × 650mm
5. Characteristic of controlling system
This automatic and high-speed blow-molding machine which is well designed integrates mechanism, electric and liquid. Featured with PLC system from JAPAN company. The hydraulic system adopts proportional control loop in order to make the motions uniform and change smoothly. As a result, can control the system exactly and in high precision.
6. Blowing system of bottle blowing machine
Blowing device with lower blowing type
7. Energy requirement of bottle blowing machine
Compress air: pressure:8Kg/cm 2 , currency: 1m 3 /min
Water: Pressure 2Kg/ cm 2 currency: 3 m 3 /h
8.Overall dimensions of bottle blowing machine
Length × Width × Height 5.8m × 2.2 m × 4.4 m
9.Electric source of bottle blowing machine
Voltage: AC 380V/50HZ
Voltage range: ± 5%

Basic installation including of HFB82 PC, B ottle B lowing machine

*Die head: specially die head
*Extrusion system: electromagnetism motor drive with the brand of FUJI or TE or Mitsubishi .
*Clamping device: Adopt bi-directional synchronous clamping device with double axis single cylinder.
*Blowing device: Blowing device with lower blowing type
*Parison control: 30 point MOOG parison controller.
* Hydraulic system: The whole hydraulic system adopts import-controlling components with famous brand and proportional controlling circuit.
*Electric controlling system: Adopt PLC made by Panasonic. Every electric component is in famous brand.
*Robot: automatically taking off articles, quick and safe.

Attention please : Compressed air is needed
Air supply: 0.7-0.8Mpa

After saling Bottle blowing machine, if necessary, We will send one or two engineers to set up and commissioning of the Bottle blowing machine until it running in normal state. Druing the time your workers who will operate the Bottle blowing machine will be trained.
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