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Bottle Inspector

Bottle inspector, empty bottle inspector, ASEBI, all surface empty bottle inspection.[08-12-04 21:27:55]
CLIMA empty bottle inspection systems offers superior inspection and detection of damage, flaws, foreign bodies, and residual liquid. The all surface empty bottle inspection (ASEBI) is designed with very high speed, close-coupled operation. The outer sidewall option controls the bottle to guarantee inspection of the entire bottle. The starwheel design also easy user interface and fast changeover keeps your production line running with the highest quality inspection in the industry.

All the data below are only for customers reference, we can adjusted the specification according to your requirement.
CLIMA Empty Bottle Inspector

Empty Bottle Inspector
Structure of empty bottle inspector

Accura – Triumph is the latest design of Linear Type All Surface Empty Bottle Inspector ASEBI
Accura – Triumph is constructed by strong stainless steel architecture with equivalent to IP54 standard.

Camera System of empty bottle inspector

All CCD – Charge Couple Device Camera for all visual inspection;
·Bottle bottom (Base) inspection,
·Sealing Surface (Chipped Finish) inspection,
·Sidewall inspection.

Function of empty bottle inspector

Standard Function:

1. Pre-inspection
- Height and fall down bottle control,
- Air spray treatment ( Gas On Demand ) for base foam caused by conveyor lubricant.
2. Inspection
- Bottle bottom ( Base ) with Opaque and Semi/transparent Object,
- Bottle sealing surface ( Chipped finish ),
- Bottle Sidewall (Outer Sidewall),
- High frequency residual liquid.
3. Rejection
- Accumulate table; size will determine by the actual production speed,
- Main Reject Pusher,
- Reject control for any unsure reject fault.

Optional Function of empty inspector:

1. Pre-inspection
- Air spray treatment ( Gas On Demand ) for water drop on bottle mouth,
- Rejection for High and short bottle before the infeed of EBI.
2. Inspection
- Infrared Residual liquid,
- Semi/Transparent foil detection for Sidewall inspection,
- Outer chip finish.
3. Rejection
- Secondary Reject Pusher for Chipped finish bottle (flow away bottle),
- Reject location selection for secondary reject

Empty Bottle Inspector
Bottle transfer system
Bottle distance control to maintain all gap between bottles can be guarantee for the Sidewall inspection image in NO effect on any shadow caused by the nearby bottle.
·Soft belts system to simplify all bottle handling on different bottle types, changing package in very short time and without any disassemble/ assemble of moving parts, noisiness. ynchronized by 2 frequency Inverters with encoder for both conveyor belts.
·With operation hand lever for each side of conveyor belt to ease on the belt maintenance.

Self - Monitoring System in empty bottle inspector

Adapted operator (human) and ASEBI (machine), operator or maintenance technician can easy to read all information and status for both production and functional appearance for Accura -Triumph, therefore, it can minimize the down time if a fault is being occur.
On the other hand, Accura – Triumph can indicate all possible working status on the LCD display and the LED control panel, such as all triggering light barriers, pneumatic valves, cool fansand protective glass system motors.Also the programmable test bottle request function can be freely activate for inspection functional checking after certain amount of bottles flow through, to assure all inspection are in normal operation

Specification of empty bottle inspector

Maximum Production speed
30,000 BPH (500BPM)
Operation Voltage
230VAC / 50Hz
Power Consumption
Max 2.0 KW
Compressed air Pressure
Inspection modules of empty bottle inspector
3.5 - 8 BAR

2x2 mm
Opaque Object
99.5 %
3x3 mm
Opaque Object
1 pce
Semi-Transparent Straw
On bottom
1 pce
On bottom
Residual Liquid
Above the highest level of bottom
Chipped Finish
3x3x1 mm
L x W x Depth
Sealing Surface
4x4 mm
Opaque Object
30mm below the top of mouth

After saling Empty bottle inspector, if necessary, We will send one or two engineers to set up and commissioning of the Empty bottle inspector until it running in normal state. Druing the time your workers who will operate the Empty bottle inspector will be trained.
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