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Ampoule making machine

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Ampoule line, Ampoule making machine

Ampoule line, our Ampoule making machine enjoys many advantages including: more reasonable structure, more compact appearance, smoother operating, higher efficiency and is easy to operate and maintain. Ampoule production line has wide adoptability, is an ideal Ampoule making machine for you to convert into production. Ampoule making machine that you need is just we can supply. We are one of the most famous Ampoule making machine exporters in China. We have been supplying a whole set of Ampoule making machine for overseas customers. We would like to provide maximum customer satisfaction at lowest possible cost and best after-sale service. If you need Ampoule making machine, please feel free to contact us.  

Performance and Characteristics

   Advanced control system makes the production line operation  the design parameter, whereby, ensure the production process to achieve the normative standard of GMP.

   Operation and maintain is reasonable and simple, and the design reforms to  the man- machine interface principle, can achieve the highest operation efficiency.

   It has high-efficiency purifying laminar flow shield, accords with the standard, to select (general laminar and  wall embedded laminar)

   It can product the ampoule preparation of various size specification (1~20 ml), the alternate specification is quick, and the commonality is fine.

  Its production ability can achieve 24000 ampoules per hour, is the highest efficiency ampoules  section automatic line in country at present.

 The Technical Parameter
Suitable Specification: 1-20 ml (GB2637-90)
Production Ability: 1-2 ml  24000 ampoules/hour
5 ml  18000 ampoules/hour
10 ml  12000 ampoules/hour
20 ml   6000 ampoules/hour

 Input Power: 37 KW
Net Weight: 4860 kg

Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine


   Adopts straight line travel design, and each work stop arrange primly, observation and operation is easy.The design for each work stop is all making for laminar running. The laminar rounds along contains, cannot produce reversal air pressure absolutely.The packaging consumption is exact, backstitch design; absolutely avoid the spray nozzle to drop.No bottle, no filling.

   Exact lading ensures spray needle intromit the inside bottle not to run into a blank wall, prevents the medicine to dirty the bottle.After flux sealing and wire drawing, the height is in concert and cannot uneven.The specification changing is quick and easy.

   The front and back of the liquor package can select in-feeding inert gas, in order to protect liquor.

 Main technical Parameter

   The Number of Filling: 9

   Production Ability: 6000-24000 ampoules/hour

   Fuel gas: Pressure: 0.28-0.4Mpa  consumption: 300L/hour

   Oxygen: 2-3Mpa consumption: 1200L/hour

   Electric Capacity: 2 KW 380V 50 Hz

   Overall Size: 4125×1200×1300

   Net Weight: 1500 kg

Ultrasonic Ampoule Washing Machine
Performance and Characteristics
   Go through the delivery net belt to enter bottles, make the bottle picking and washing in different grade area.
   The Ultrasonic wave bathing can get rid of the deposit, reforms to the standard of GMP.
   The Compliance sprayer needle intromit into the upending bottle, pass by many times internal flushing, external washing, purified air blow-drying, the efficiency of bottle washing is reliable,and the breakage rate is low
   The water tank can separate the washing, and the washing is easy and abysmal.
   It uses bottle clamed plant to clam bottle, it can suitable for different specification, and the changing specifi-cation is simple.
   The whole machine has reliable action and high dependable.
Operation Principle
   The bottle goes through the delivery net belt into worming, after spacing into isometric, they are arranged in one line, then sending for the link of bottle delivery.  It carries out the procedures as follows: the empty bottle watering, ultrasonic wave bathing, the circula-ting water external flushing, the circulating internal flushing, the circulating water external washing, the purified compress air blow-flushing, the injection water flushing, the purified compress air blow-flushing twice,  the purified compress air blow-dry the outside bottle and blow-out the bottle. It can achieve the full cleaning. At last, it is pushed out the washing machine, enters into the drying sterilization tunnel.
Main technical Parameter
   Production Ability: 6000-24000 bottle /hour
   The bottle disrepair rate: 3‰
   The consumption of injection water: 0.2-0.4 Mpa    0.6 m3/hour
   main electric machine:0.37 KW  380v  50Hz
  Ultrasonic wave: 0.6 KW
   Water pump: 0.75 KW
   Net Weight: 1200 kg
   Overall Size: 1760×1790×1430

Tunnel Sterilization and Drying Machine for ampoule making machine

Main Application

It is used for the sterilization and drying of glass containers such as needle bottlevialoral liquid bottles and the others.

Principle of Functioning

In the transporting process, the cleaned filter glass bottle pass by the pre-heating zone, the high-tenperaturezone and the cooling zone, to reach the aim of drying , sterilizing and getting rid of the hot source.

Performance Characteristic

   The structure of this machine high temperature zone is advanced and reasonable, the space is compact, the safety is high. Although it happen to face power-off case, it well be no damage The

unique heat circulating system and temperature keeping system to save engergy;the neat power is 18KW, the energy consumption is low, it has the advance as energy saving;The net belt for bottle delivering together with armor balustrade of verge to an organic whole, in same step motion, make bottle delivering responsibly, does not appear bottle picking, bottle-down and bottle broken;The supervisory and control arran-gement of each part is complete, can offer effective guarantee for the useful of machine.   

Main Technical Parameter

  Capacity: 6000/24000bottle/hour

  The highest temperature of drying and sterilization: 400

  The effective width of the belt conveyance: 480mm

  The effective length of the preheat segment: 710mm

  The effective length of the sterilization and drying segment: 1900mm

  The effective length of the cooling segment: 1400mm

  The applicable height of the container: 160mm

  Cleanliness: 100 grades

  Electricity power: 5KW 380V 50Hz             Heating power: 18KW

  Overall Size: 4000×1800×2230          Net Weight: 2460Kg

After saling Ampoule making machine, if necessary, We will send one or two engineers to set up and commissioning of the Ampoule making machine until it running in normal state. During the time your workers who will operate the Ampoule making machine will be trained.
The pioneers in exporting Ampoule making machine in China.

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